Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ahhh, Oregon...

On Ravelry, I found a very nice shawl pattern called "Multnomah"... it's a shawl designed by a lady named  Kate Flagg.  The pattern link is HERE.   I was intrigued by the project's title since I lived in Oregon from the time I was nine years old until I was 23 years old and moved to Colorado.  Multnomah is the name of a town in Oregon and Multnomah County is the county where you find the City of Portland... a beautiful city... the City of Roses... I love Kate Flagg's description of her project and the inspiration for her project's title.  And, being from Oregon, I get it!  Here's what she writes:

Multnomah county, in northwestern Oregon, is home to a place very near and dear to my heart: the city of Portland. While there are many reasons I love it, one thing that always stands out is how lush it is with vegetation. Trees and leafy vines grow absolutely everywhere.  The idea for this shawl was conceived while I was at home, but about 2/3 of the way through knitting it my husband and I made the 6 hour drive from our house to Portland. I’d been kicking several names around in my head, but nothing seemed right. Then we crossed the Multnomah county line. I looked at the landscape speeding by outside my window, then down at the knitting I had in my hands, and the colors of it were the same. And right then I knew my shawl finally had a name.

I love the look of shawls and decided this is a project I would like to make.  I toyed with the idea of making this shawl with some sock yarn I have in my stash from Knit Picks but I decided the variegated yarn I had in mind was not quite right.  I know I've resolved to try to not buy new yarn this year (and just knit from my stash), but a yarn store in my area recently closed and everything was half-price. I found this lovely yarn and I splurged... bought two skeins.

The colors in this yarn remind me of blossoms on fruit trees in Springtime.  Hood River is another town you'll find in Oregon.  From Hood River, there are beautiful views of snow capped Mt. Hood where I snow skied as a kid.  Hood River is an agricultural area with all kinds of fruit orchards... apples, pears, cherries.  Hood River is a windy area along the Columbia River Gorge and windsurfing is ever popular, as are micro-breweries.  It's a really pretty area in Oregon.  So my version of the Multnomah Shawl will be made using yarn which reminds me of Hood River in Springtime...

I got to thinking about Hood River while I was typing up this post. I found a great website promoting the town. The link is HERE if you'd like to see photos of what I am trying to describe.  Turns out their Blossom Festival is THIS weekend... dang it, we missed it!

Two posts in one day... keep scrolling down! :)

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