Friday, July 30, 2010

Nice Knitting Bag??

A little get-a-way this week to Glenwood Springs... one of our favorite vacation places.  To escape the heat for a bit, we ventured into a Bed, Bath, and Beyond store in search of a light weight quilt for our bed at home.  We use the same comforter year-round and it's just too hot for summer.  We found this nice quilt.  I was worried it was too feminine for my husband and I pointed out a more modern "urban" design with different size and color squares, but I think he liked what we purchased since it reminds him of old quilts he grew up with.  I am pleased with the quilt we purchased, but the packaging has me tickled... it's a cute quilted tote bag!  Should make a nice knitting bag, don't you think?  Turns out the quilt is nice, too! !

I like the embroidered flower details.
It looks nice with our new blue/grey carpet and the freshly painted walls in our masterbedroom!  Finally... I am happy with the way our masterbedroom looks! Yipee!
It was not until I unfolded the quilt to discover the backside of the quilt is a stripe fabric!  I LOVE it!